Peregrino Mendoza

Application Developer


Hi there! I've been a professional software developer for over 10 years and have worked extensively on delivering applications built using Microsoft .NET framework. I can provide value by understanding your goals and creating reusable solutions for both front-end and back-end components.

Most of the time, I work with businesses that would like to get a working prototype done independently or to add new features to their existing applications. I also enjoy fixing bugs and refactoring code to improve product quality.

Here are a few of my industry certifications:


If you'd like to learn more how I can help in your programming needs and how we can work together, please get in touch!


What some of my previous clients are saying:

"As a contract senior software engineer, Perry helped us out to successfully launch our web admin portal system. He was competent and can be relied upon to do full-stack software development."

- Ernest (Pragmasoft, LLC)

"During Perry’s time at Sticky Tickets he demonstrated exceptional skills in coding and was a valued team member...

The role was unique in the essence that it was a completely autonomous role, which requires a certain level of dedication and commitment to getting the job done. Perry excelled in these areas."

- Dany (Sticky Tickets Australia Pty Ltd)


I'm always interested to take on a consulting or contract development project specially if it can be worked via telecommuting. I would be keen to discuss what I can bring to the table as an independent consultant.

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